Our Next Litter is planned for late 2014 or early 2015 ready to go to their new homes in winter spring 2015. We plan to breed:

Can Grand CH Seaterrace Princess Leia Can/Am TD RN Can ADC CD CGN X (TBA)


Julie, SeaTerrace Whispering Juliet with owner Ingrid Kuyken currently in Belgium, showing in France in picture


Oliver & Jazz 8 Week Old Puppies' Professional Photos


Our Fourth SeaTerrace Litter, The Muses, Born on January 15th, 2012

The Muses are nine goddesses/gods in Greek mythology who control and symbolize nine types of art known to Ancient Greece. The Muses are also our Newest Litter's theme. The Muses Litter has 5 females and 3 males; born active and thriving. I know that is eight, but that is at least 1 more than expected already. So the Puppy names which will influence the registered names are as follows:


Cally; SeaTerrace Calliope: Calliope the Muse of Epic Poetry

Era; SeaTerrace Erato: Erato The Muse of Erotic Love Poetry

Thalia; SeaTerrace Thalia: Thalia The Muse of Comedy

Pauley; SeaTerrace Polyhymnia: Polyhymnia The Muse of Sacred Poetry

Melony; SeaTerrace Melpomene: Melpomene the Muse of Happiness. Later she became celebrated for Tragedy. Goddess of Music, Song and Dance. 

MALES (3):

Clio; SeaTerrace Clio:  Clio The Muse of History

Astro; SeaTerrace Urania: Urania The Muse of Astronomy, Astro means Star and Uri means Light.

Terri; SeaTerrace Terpsichore: Terpsichore the Muse of Dance


Oliver and Jazz were bred this November; CAN CH Readyfor Bronze Challenger AADC, MADC, MGDC, CGN