Our Current Male Standing at Stud to Approved Bitches:

BUCK: BIS RBIS GrCH SeaTerrace's History Muse Clio FDX CGN

From our Jazz 'X' Oliver SeaTerrace Litter, the Muses Litter, 01/15/2012


Owners: Amanda Bongers and Aldean Riddy; Handlers and Conditioners: Aaron Andriash and Amanda Williams


Contacts: Aldean Riddy at email: riddy@shaw.ca OR Amanda Bongers at email: abongers@hotmail.com



Our Current Female:

Polly: CKC CH SeaTerrace's Poetry In Motion WC RE CD CGN

From our Jazz 'X' Oliver SeaTerrace Litter, the Muses Litter, 01/15/2012



Owner: Aldean Riddy



Retired Dogs who are in Residence, and we thank them:

Theo; SeaTerrace Theo'dorable Mudbud CD JH WC ADC SGDC RN CGN (4/26/2009-):

Theo is our home bred male and is our fourth toller in residence. Theo is currently in Field, Agility & Obedience Training. Theo had a great year in 2014 and 2015 earning many performance titles.

Theo had one litter with Izabelle before being retired from our breeding program. His litter was a very nice litter of 6 toller puppies. Julie, his daughter moved to Belgium to live with Ingrid Kuyken of Whispering Reeds Kennel and Julie now has her Luxemburg and Belgium Championships. Julie was retired after one litter and now is enjoying a life of luxury in a Pet home with another toller from the Belgium Kennel.


Jazz; CH WoodCreek Auburn Rose CD RA CGN


Jazz was our Foundation Brood Bitch. Jazz is a medium boned,well balanced female toller with a deep red coat with white markings on the chest, paws and tail tip. She is of calm temperament, strong water courage and is very birdie. Jazz enjoyed dog shows and attending different venues with her Junior-Owner Handler, Nicole Riddy (our daughter). She has her Canadian Good Neighbour, Canadian Championship and her Rally-O Advance and Companion Dog Obedience Titles. 

Jazz was an excellent mother and a very good teacher being very playful and attentive with her puppies. We have kept two puppies from Jazz's two litters. From her first litter we kept Theo (Mick 'X' Jazz) and from her second litter we kept Polly (Oliver 'X' Jazz).


Izabelle; CH WoodCreek Sweet Candy Belle PCD RN CGN (3/27/2008)

Izabelle (Izzy) was our second Brood Bitch. Izzy is of medium to heavy bone with a deep red coat with white markings on her chest and paws. . She is an easy keeper, a good swimmer and is very friendly. She enjoyed attending Conformation Dog Shows with her Junior Handler, finishing her Canadian Championship very easily. She also has her Canadian Good Neighbour. She is currently training in Agility and Competitive Obedience.

She was an excellent mother with her two litters. Izabelle gained her Canadian Championship while being completely Junior Handled by our daughter Nicole. Izabelle's first litter produced Julie (in tact) who is owned by Ingrid Kuyken in Belgium (Izzy 'X' Theo). Izabelle's second litter produced Penny (Izzy 'X' Max) who is owned by Roberta Ward and co-owned by myself, Aldean Riddy. Penny has earned her CKC Grand Canadian Championship, having earned her Championship before one and a half years of age. Penny has now become the first toller in North America to earn her Urban Tracking Title and one of the few tollers to hold a Tracking Dog Excellent title. 


Lilly; Caltansis A Dozen Wild Lillies (7/22/2004-):

Lilly has turned 11 years old the summer of 2015. Lilly was our first Nova Scota Duck Tolling Retriever; while not having been in our breeding program she has taught us a lot about NSDTR's. Lilly is the reason we fell in love with tollers. Lilly still enjoys back yard agility, walks around the acreage and retrieving her ball. 


Females That Have Been in Our Breeding Program:


CH Readyfor Maltnhops SeaTerrace WC RN CGN

Stella has earned 17/20 Grand Champion Points

Becky X Chase Readyfor Litter, 'Beers- It's 5 O'clock somewhere' Litter, born 02/14/2012

Stella was co-bred by Jamie Klein and Lauren Larson (Readyfor Kennel) and is from the Becky X Chase Readyfor Litter, the 'Beers- It's 5 O'clock somewhere', born 02/14/2012



Owners: Carolyn Maycock and Jamie Klein from Readyfor Tollers (when in our program also Aldean Riddy from SeaTerrace Tollers)



Can Grand CH Seaterrace Princess Leia TDX UTD RE ADC SGDC CD CGN Am TD RN

From our Izzy 'X' Max SeaTerrace Litter, The Star Wars Litter, 5/12/2011 



Owners: Roberta Ward (when in our program also Aldean Riddy from SeaTerrace Tollers)


Our Potential Rising Star: 

Elijah: CH SeaTerrace Quicksilver Eli CGN

From our Penny 'X' Wrangler SeaTerrace Litter, The Avengers Litter, 12/2/2014  

Owners: Rheal Rondeau (Breanna Podlasly) and Aldean Riddy



There are no 'Kennels' here, all our dogs live in our home. We do believe in crates or ex-pens for unsupervised times as dogs do love them as their own 'room' and it keeps them safe from harm or loss.